The Konyak Headhunter Tribe of Nagaland, North East India - 2015
The last of the fearsome gun-toting Konyak headhunter tribe live in the remote Nagaland hills of NE India. Their strong warrior tradition over land conflicts between rival Naga tribes and villages often resulted in warfare, with Konyak men beheading their enemies. The tattoos on the faces and chests of the older men (most now in their 80s and 90s), symbolise how many human heads he has taken during his life. The Konyaks believe that the severed head (which was proudly brought back from battle) contains the power to the soul, thereby bringing prosperity to the village and their land. This practice was banned by the government over 20 years ago. During the first week of April the Konyaks hold the Aoling Festival which celebrates the beginning of the spring season. These images depict the traditional culture of Konyak men and women that I met during the 5 day festival held in a small Konyak villages on the border of India and Myanmar.

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